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Are you looking for a reliable company to replace your garburator? Then look no further! We are the trusted name in garburator replacement services in Calgary, AB. Precision Plumbing has replaced numerous garburators that have become clogged or broken in people’s homes.

With many satisfied customers throughout the community, we have earned our reputation as one of the top independent garburator servicing companies through our excellent customer service and experienced technicians. We offer cost-effective alternatives to costly garburators at your doorstep!

garburator replacement services in Calgary, AB

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Garbage disposals tend to crack or develop leaks over time. This can be costly if the device has not been maintained regularly. That’s why as your trusted expert, here are some signs your garburators need immediate replacement.

The appliance emits a peculiar smell.

When the rubber seals on your garburator begin to crack, odors can become trapped inside the appliance and start to rot. These putrid scents will find their way into every dish you prepare if you do not maintain your garbage disposal properly. 

It’s best to replace the appliance before the problem becomes too big to handle.

Kitchen waste is backed up into your sink drain.

Another sign that it’s time for new garbage disposal is when you begin to notice kitchen waste backing up through your sink drain and spilling over onto your countertops and flooring. 

This can indicate a broken garbage disposal unit or one that is blocked due to excessive food residue.

Your garburator shakes when used.

Another surefire sign of a broken or weakened garbage disposal is if it begins to shake whenever you use it. This happens because the motor has become too weak to grind up all the waste efficiently, causing abnormal wear and tear on the unit.

Your garburator is aging.

In general, garbage disposals have a lifespan of up to eight years with regular maintenance. If your appliance is still working after this period, you may want to consider replacing it anyway. Constant wear and tear will eventually lead to a weakened motor and leaks.

Your garburator doesn’t grind up large pieces of food.

A common complaint with older garbage disposals is that large pieces of food refuse to be ground up and back up through the drain. This occurs because the grinding components become too weak over time and can no longer cut through hard foods like potato peels or chicken bones.

Your garburator is noisy.

A loud garbage disposal can indicate excess debris stuck inside the grinding chamber, backing up into the drain and causing additional wear and tear on the unit. Replace your appliance before this becomes a severe problem that might lead to future leaks or damage.

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Residential Garburators in Calgary, AB

If you notice your garburator is failing you, it’s time to call a professional. Precision Plumbing offers high-quality garbage disposals at affordable prices. Our technicians are trained to deal with all types of plumbing problems and will have your garbage disposal up and running in no time!

Contact us today at (403) 241 5200 for more information, or you can schedule an appointment with us online!

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